The land of unknown
2001-08-12 00:28:52 (UTC)

Too Much of nonsense.........

WOOHOO!!!! Chloe is back! and i i'm almost finished
with my damn room! i'm turning it from my room, into
my domain. muahahahahaha! i've got my X-Men poster
up above the book case, my brother's Generation X
poster above the side of my bed, i'm going to have
some band poster or two by my guitar stuff, and a
couple anime posters in two other spots. i still need to
figure out what band posters. i would like to get a
couple more comice posters and rotate them every so
often with the two that are up, and have a couple band
posters up and two others to rotate with and the same
for anime. i have a couple band posters my good friend
Pablo got me for a going away present, even though i
didn't say any one had to get me something, i got a few
gifts. i have great friends. i got a Korn poster and a
Limp Bizkit poster from Pablo, a Mudvayne shirt from
Lyz (thank u), a tape from Amanda that she made, and
a very weird one from Ben. it was a clay figurine of this
character he made, called Scary Princess. actually,
there were two of them. the first one, when he heated it,
it partially melted and the other one was whole. it was
by far the strangest of my gifts. but thank u all! as i was
saying, until i got rather side tracked. i have two band
posters right now, but i want to get something like a
Tool and some thing, i don't really know. but i have
some shelf space now. and also, i found all my Rage
cards. Rage is this rpg game a friend of mine got me
into. we were only in like the third grade and neither of
us knew how to play. he was by far the best friend i had.
but then i had to move. then i made more friends.
anywho, we were both really into it, but mostly just
traded them, but now i can understand what the hell it
was talking about and can play. but only with ny brother.
if i can find a comic shop that has Rage cards, i'll
probably buy some more. i know that there is one shop
that had a ton of the books to it. there are several
different things for it. i don't really know how big they've
made it. maybe i'll meet some new friends that play rpg.
it's really the only rpg i got into. i only got maybe two or
so packs of Magic. not any decks or anything. i know
some of my friends are into the Sailor Moon rpg, i don't
really know about Poke Mon. i would have to have killed
them if they were. those damned things make me sick.
i still play the game boy game. i have the original red
version. not one of those new ones. the electronic
games are kinda cool, it's the damned show and the
rpg that make me sick. the fact that u have older kids
and hell, sometimes i've seen adults playing. that just
frightens me. ewwwww. i shudder at the thought that
there are guys my dad's age playing a little kids game.
ewwwww. and i owe Zues an ear full. he kept me up to
about 12:00 at night with his damned lighting and
thunder. at least today when he went to have fun, he did
it when we were out shoping and weren't disturbed by it
at all. but i'll tell him not to do it at night, unless he'll
stop when i want to sleep! deeling with gods is so
frustraiting. u know, i was thinking i was athiest, since i
didn't really believe in anything, but i don't know of a
term for believing in all gods and demons alike. but
there is one guy i can't stand, the one that goes by the
name of God. what a push over. "works in mysterious
ways" what a load of crap! he doesn't do shit. his
angels are the ones who save people, not him. but
Jesus, is the guy. he rules. that guy was put on earth
and spread the word of God, cuz God was too damn
lazy to do it himself. and then Jesus was put on the
cross and crucified. he did it for the people and God,
who left him sitting on that hill to die. that's why i like the
song Golgotha by Wumpscut so much. it mentions that
God, his father God, left him on the hill. in my next entry
i'll put the lyrics. but of any one, of all the Christianity or
Judaism or any of the God religion guys, Jesus is the
one i believe in. fuck God. no offense to any readers.
and then i believe in almost all other religions. all of
'em. geez, did i babble or what?