Erus de Volucris
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2002-11-05 00:17:05 (UTC)


I am pretty excited that my field coat is ariving today. I
bought it with the debit card that work (MCI) gave me I
also am getting black beanie (watch cap) that I am pretty
excited about. A lot of my friends think that it is funny
that I buy clothes that would be for colder climates (I am
in AZ) but the fact is that I don't want to live here all
my life. I would really like to live in Alaska. Thinking
about moving to Japan, which I think would be really cool
since I am half Japanese and I was there 2 years ago.
While I was there I learned that we (the half-breeds) were
some of the most attractive members of their society for
whatever reason. In fact, from my hotel room in Tokyo I
saw this picture that I thought (in shock for a second) was
mine but soon realized that it was not and came to know
that it was acctually one of their pop-stars. Everyone
there wants to be so American it is almost sad. I walked
past a group of teenage guys that were listening to Hanson
and singing along. Funny. I think that next time I will
ramble on about the properties of light.