Confessions of the Harry Potter Obsessed
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2002-11-05 00:14:36 (UTC)


I did something this weekend that I shouldn't have.

ooook, to understand this, u gotta start from the begining.

it all started when i had this dream. this is like, in july
or something. i dreamed alllllll about blood. it was really

newayz, the next day on hp.com this girl was tellin ppl to
write a tear-jerker ff (fan fiction)so i took the idea from
the dream and made up this story about draco malfoy where
he likes to cut his wrists and all that.

newayz, then i had Forensics in school which is just a
drama class but she was telling us about this book called
Cut by Patricia mccormick. so i took the book home and i
read it. i really liked it, but thats beside the point.

the point is is that i was, uh, wuts the word...intrigued,
i guess...by the ways the girl cut herself, and i started
to wonder wut it would be like to cut urself. so like 2
nights ago i'm layin in bed wondering wut it would b like.

i rolled over onto my side and saw this hair thingy i have.
the ends are really really pointy, so i dont ever put it in
my hair. newayz i was looking at it and i picked it up and
kinda pressed it really hard into my skin and dragged it
down so that it made a mark. it didn't bleed or nething but
it was the weirdest feeling of all. it felt like my palm,
right where the hand meets the arm, was going to CRY. cry,
of all things! i thought it was but then i remembered that
hands don't cry. it was so weird.


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