~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
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2002-11-04 23:54:30 (UTC)

public party entry

Yeah so the party on Friday was pretty damn cool. Yes yes I
did drink again... I chipped in 5 bucks for Devil's
Springs. I also had some Bacardi that Matt gave me but I
had Andrew drink most of it.lol. That night was just
fucking weird. Hippie Justin was there & he brought his
doggie. Jon threw the dog out :( n Justin tied him up
outside. Me n Emily were mad cuz he had like no room & it
was cold n snowy. We went in and talked to Justin bout it
but he was just bein bitchy n he brought the dog (Dizzy)
back in. Then we went n drank. Emily n Steph went up to her
room n I wanted to go too (I was already kinda drunk by
then) but I didnt wanna go alone so I made Andrew n Skylar
come too. Then I sat on the floor of Steph's room. I hung
out with them guys for a bit. We went outside n smoked.
Anyways then like for some reason I asked Devin where
Justin was and he said that he was out at his car with the
dog n Devin said to go tell him to bring bak his keys. So I
go outside and I scream "IS THERE A JUSTIN OUT HERE?!?!"
lol So I went over and made friends with Justin n Dizzy
(the dog) He's actually a damn cool dude. I enjoyed talking
to him. He's a good vocalist too. He was "doing his own
style" The kids came out n found us n Justin said that he
was my brother and so was Tiffany. lol. I was so trashed...
Then I saw Matt comin outside so I called him over. He was
with Marley ("the pretty girl") and I forget who else. I
was talkin to him about Steph cuz Im tryin to hook them up.
Well somehow the topic of McDonalds came up and we decided
to go. So I go inside & I'm like "Jon, Im goin to
mcdonalds" lol He looked at me like I was nuts. I still
cant believe that I got in a car with drunk strangers (well
I knew a couple a little) either! lmao. Never somethin I
thought I would do! Marley drove Devin's car there to the
one downtown. Matt sat up front with her. I sat in back
with Alex and his gf Allison. I kept tellin the girls that
they were so pretty and that I wish I was thin like them
lol. Matt said that I was crazy cuz I am thin. lol. I
showed a picture of a weird lookin baby to this black chick
that Marley knew there and to a homie guy that was with the
chick. I'm like "look this baby looks weird" lol. The guy
looked pissed. ha. I also told ths other black chick that
Marley knew that worked there that she was pretty and that
I liked her hair. Anyways the workers pretty much threw us
out. Well we got back to the party n I went upstairs to
find Jon. Me n Tiffany went downstairs to try n wake up
Justin but he was passed out. We were trying to get his
friend Jeff to wake him up. He wouldnt get up. Sara n Don
came again but no Rosie :( People were telling me that shes
a whore but who cares... apparently so am I so w/e. Well
that "guy from the mall" Pete was talking to me a bit
throughout the night. I also smacked him (as well as Joe n
Jon too) quite a bit cuz he was being a dick. Then when Im
sitting on the futon he fucking comes up behind me and
pours a fucking beer all the fuck over me and runs away
like a little pussy boy. I grab a fucking beer and run
after him and pour it on him and he pours even more on me.
Poor Joe was in the crossfire. He made a comment about it
and for some reason I splashed beer in his face. Anyways I
was smelly & freezing the whole night cuz of that asshole
Pete and now I fucking hate him. I dont like the fucking
vibes I get from him. He's a fucking asshole & I swear to
god that if he fucks with me again Im gonna do something
really bad... Dont know what yet but Ill think of something
lol. I also have overheard a couple different times
something about him moving in?! OVER MY DEAD BODY! Bad
enough I had to deal with him all last night. He stayed
till fucking 6 o clock in the morning. Me, Jon, Joe n him
watched Scooby Doo movie. I wanted to watch is upstairs so
I didnt have to be around that fuck but we didnt. I just
tried my best to deal with it but I do fucking hate every
last thing about that guy. EVRYTHING. Anyways, after the
movie somehow I became the target for Jon n Joe to throw
cheese doodles at. It was cHa0s! Then the boys started
throwin each other over n stuff. Then they threw more
cheese doodles at me. :o) Then finally the bitch boy left.
get to see the skunky last nite when I was upstairs tryin
to be away from Pete. It was in the garage eating the
catfood. N Brandon was in the kitchen n I told him about
it... dont know why...lol. I'm gettin better with talkin to
people ya know. Yes, even when I am sober! :o) Oh yea I got
high again too the other nite. I was owed pot that
*someone* gave to both me and *another* but the *another*
smoked it all so the *another* gave me some n I smoked it
with him and the other *another* that lives there. LOL.
Sorry, just tryin not to say names cuz I dont wanna get in
trouble :) Well I think thats about it for now. I cant
remember anything else too much that happened this weekend.
Oh, but aside from a couple minor spats we didnt fight
hardly at all which is yayish!


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