The Chronicles of My Life
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2002-11-04 23:33:42 (UTC)

Krystal moves on Thursday. Not..

Krystal moves on Thursday. Not cool. She's like my best
friend. NOw i only have 2 days left until she leaves. I'm
not in a good mood right now. I'd better not linger. Wild
lost the other day. This just isn't a good week for me.
Next week is going to be even worse, going to school and
not seeing Krystal at all. This weekend I'll have to go to
the Xcel energy center to play pep band. Of course. 4 day
weekend and 3 of them will be spent riding a bus and
watching volley ball. Not my idea of fun. Great. As you
can tell i'm just so cheerful today. I'd better go. Until