Teenage Politics
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2002-11-04 22:59:36 (UTC)

05 is alive ::jive jive::

Ahhh.....for once I am home before sundown. Im so happy I
am actually here, don't you miss me? I mean...since I have
been so busy I havent been able to tell you about anything
really. So here we go. Tried out for Oliver, made the part
of Charlotte. My Jecca didn't make Oliver which tee's us
off.....because she so deserved it but THATS OKAY we'll get
over it EH? lol. She got beat by a fish-boy. Anyhoo...well
Im happy about my part! I get to be a meanie to Oliver, and
I have to flirt with...whoever Noah is? I don't know who
got that part. Ruh roh..watch it be..nevermind. LOL!
Dracula is finally over, and while I loved doing the show,
it sure was hard being there until 10 every night all the
time. I let my grades slip like a mug...but I'll get them
back up. Thursday's performance went pretty tight, and
Saturday's was even better. I took a me day Friday, so I
could sleep in...I was so sleep deprived. I just slept it
all off since I didn't have practice. Saturday was tite. I
thought Timmy would be there at 11 to getme...but my mom,
perpetually late as always, showed up 2 1/2 hours late.
Yea...that sucked. But after that I got to spend some time
with Timmy and everyone so that was awesome in itself. I
miss hanging out with him so much we were having a lot of
fun. I think I convinced him not to run track. Thank
goodness, I can't believe "CERTAIN PERSON" has been trying
to pit us against each other. Telling one person one thing
and then the other another story...just TRYING TO GET US
MAD AT EACH OTHER. Probably because she is so severely
jealous of the relationship and don't ask me why because
she is my...nevermind. In case someone reads this and might
actually talk to her, Im not gonna name any names. If it
bugs you that much...eh ask me and I might tell!
Anyway...so Saturday's performance rocked world-age. A lot
of my family was there which was cool as ever cus I felt
much love with the support! :) Everyone loved it. We even
got Kudos from Mr. Kirby...the ghostlike head principal of
Mansfield...whom about 80% of us have never lain eyes on.
funny isnt it, we ate lunch with Mr. Loesch in Whitewright,
but here, the principal is sort of a celebrity. I can't
wait for this year to be over with, so Timmy will be here,
and I can see him all the time. Sunday we went to the mall,
and although I had my sister with me, I still got to spend
some good time with him. Today at school was nothing really
that interesting. I mean, how much fun CAN it be? Im so
busy/tired/preoccupied. I did, however show my mad killa
drawing of Klayton Izik...as he will look at 18. YEP
YEP....thanks to Biology! I miss some people so much, I
wish I was still in school in Whitewright...but then again.
HAA what am I saying? I got out of that hell hole just like
75% of everyone there is waiting until senior year for! I
just got lucky I guess. But it still doenst make me miss
everyone any less. I think about some of them a lot
actually. ESPECIALLY TIMMY...I think about him all the
time. Im willing to bet he's working his butt off in
football practice right now. I got a phone card to call him
today. You know it's sad..when the phone card is written in
predominately SPANISH..with a few English subtexts. Yea..I
was in a bad part of town when I bought that sucker. Oh
well...minutes are minutes I guess! I gotta get a cell
phone. Until then....I use la mexicana phone cards! LOL.
I'm outtie I've got loads of homework. TTYL