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2001-08-11 23:02:55 (UTC)

what happen to the dolphin

When I get the urge to dance under the light of a full moon,
I blame my ancient ancestors,the Picts.Some will say the
Picts no longer exist and this is true.However their gentic
code is not lost for it still flows through my veins.There
is something about a misty moonlite night that makes me want
to dance with the fireflies.However,I do not like to do
this skyclad.Because the mosquitoes would eat me alive.Yes,I
use repellent but moquitoes are a hearty speices.Besides, I
like the feel of silk against my skin.
I am listening to that old rock music and yeah,its got a
beat.There is a candle lite on my desk to help repell the
insects.And I am alone by myself.Sometimes,its okay to play
the hermit and be alone with my thoughts.The ability to
think is what makes humans individuals and sets us on the
upper rung of the food chain.Except for the recent rash of
skark attacks,humans usually do the killing and their
victims range from humans to dolphins.
An old veteran,who spent a few days in the water off the
coast of Australia hanging onto a raft,once told me that
while he and his fellow soilders were waiting to be rescued
from the Pacific,they would see the sharks and then the
dolphins would come.The old Dutch sailor told them that the
dolphins would protect them and not to shoot the sharks
because its blood flowing in the water would draw more of
their kind.
He said the Dutchman's words were true.When he would hear
of a person being attacked by a shark,he would shake his
head and ask,"What happened to the dolphins?"