2001-08-11 21:55:05 (UTC)

Wierd Kind Of Day

Yesterday I broke the sink, so today my dad is fixing it
and the shower, because the walls were nasty and falling
This is the start of my very boring Journal and I hope to
keep adding on to it to let all you weird people know about
my funky days!
I cleaned my room, volenteeraly! I found my CD player and
my headphones, but my cat chewed the wire and the
headphones are all messed up now!
We are moving out of this very nasty trailor in about three
weeks and I am sooo happy! I swear I can't wait until I
have an actual bedroom! I will be so happy!
Well not much more to say but, bye.
So bye!

-Jessica~*~*~ AKA: Jess Boo.