My Journal...sorta lol
2002-11-04 21:58:28 (UTC)

I hate school! hehe 11-04

heres a quote to describe how things are going right
now... "Imagine you had everything you ever hoped and
dreamed to have, now shit on it and flush it down the
toilet. Welcome to my world." lol wow! This day sucks hehe
but it might get better considering I'm going to see the
ring tonight... i hear a lot of different things about it
but since im a wimp i know ill be scared lol... yea anywho
school was gay today... i have tons of homework and the
class that i thought that would be easiest (photography) is
becoming the hardest cuz my film keeps getting fucked up
cuz we have to take the pics, put the film on a reel (which
is where it gets fucked up), develop the film, then take
the negatives and do all this shit to develop the actual
pics arg! i swear the world is against me getting an A in
that class.. today as i was putting my final roll of film
on a reel, i dropped my film... so that probably messed it
up THEN i got it on the reel and i had to cut the end of
the film and i cut some of my finger and drop the reel and
scissors too! so then i pick that up (in the pitch dark by
the way which wasnt easy) and i feel that the film twisted
off the reel so im like fuck this and i asked nou yang to
finish it for me... so she gets it on in a second and all
of a sudden some random guy opens the darkroom door and we
all scream NO NO DONT COME IN! cuz that exposed our film!
so i dont even know if ill have any pics :( the funny
thing is that this guy that opened the door is some
inspector snooping around idk i was pissed tho cuz that is
my last chance to get pics... anywho so yea the rest of the
day was gay too... sick lunch today! im already looking
forward to the weekend and its only monday... im going to
the bucks game on saturday tho! go Toni!! hehe anywho yea
so i gtg do hw and whatnot.... Peace out XOXOXO