Lifes Strifes and Simple Moments
2001-08-11 21:32:17 (UTC)

We start school in one day...... ewwwwy!!!

OHHHHHHHH this topic is like so way major gross!!! we
start school on Monday and i got my class schedule (
or however u spell that confounded word!! ) Thursday!!!
I hate the class i'm in even if i don't know who's in it
really ~ not until monday. all i know is that i'm in there
with Heather and so that
means i'm in the popular and extremely stuck up class. If
you know me then u also know my feelings about those type
of people. Ne way i need to leave now... i'll write about
my first day in hell class later.
or maybe i'll just wait until the first semester is over ~ increase
the suspense ~~ ;) i know~ i'm evil~ ain't it cool??