Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-11-04 21:24:35 (UTC)

Freedome of speech

i'm still with nolan and i'm proude to say he's ana awsome
kisser, but u kno wats been bothering me l8tely?? ok...well
u kno how were all supposed to have the freedome to say
whatever we want?? well i figure it doesent apply to kids
becuase were not allowed to say whatever we want to oure
parents or teahcers or just adults in general i mean it's
like so stupid. it doesent say anywhere that kids dont have
freedome of speech and only adults, it doesent say that
anywhere. so it pisses me off how we cant just say whatever
we want, it's like...teachers can be the rudest ppl they
want to us, but we cant saya nything els back otherwise
they'll give us a detention. well ive got better things to
do so i'm out...