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2002-11-04 21:12:03 (UTC)


got your attention...
hahahaha thats so funny.
im so f-ing bored. why is there nothing to do? i have like
a million things to do....maybe im just lazy. i think im
gonna get banshee to come over. his real name is kyle, but
i think im the only one that knows that. dont ask where he
got banshee from, i met him at a party and he said his
name was banshee, so whatever. he grows his own shit. its
so bland though, its like smoking hemp. i think i'll call
him now, i need some.

i called him.... he said he would come over in like an
hour, but he's gonna bring someone else too. it sounded
pretty weird....either it was his porno or he was fucking
somebody. oh well. he said he has new shit, and that its
stronger. good. he's tried every drug there has ever been.
he's gotten high off of advil once. yeah that was pretty
scary... he ended up in the hospital. one day he's gonna
screw himself over and die of an OD. we're like best
friends. we used to be close, like really close. like bf
gf close. i almost fucked him, but then again im 15.
birthday was yesterday!!! technically i can get my G1, but
im too lazy. ill write after banshee leaves.


p.s. push it out fake a smile avvert disaster jsut in time
i need a drink cuz in a while worthless answers from
friends of mine its dumb to ask cool to ignore girls
posess me but their never mine i checked my engines
avoided hazard nows my entrance i fell behind.
ok i TOTALLY screwed that up......w/e it still kciks.

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