2002-11-04 20:50:24 (UTC)

holy crap

FUKK i was so high yesterday. sorry to anyone who read
that crazy shit last night, i was stoned beyond belief.

today was DAY6 at school. i hate day 6.
calculus, lab, arithmatic, english. BOOOORRRRIIIINGGG...
i dumped off my sister for this weekend. HA. me and adi
are going to see jackass:the movie on saturday. hell yes.
i got my mice. they are soo adorable, its ridiculous. OZZY
and POTATO. you can guess which one my sister chose.
victoria the snob of all snobs confronted me today at
school. she told me to go marry marylin manson. OMS im so
hurt. satan she is so dumb. her and her little popular
friends, summer and jessica. they make fun of me alot,
just cuz they are the popular kids. they make me laugh.
summer actually said that i put the whore in horrifying.
ok i only saw bring it on because of mya(sister). dont
ask, just read my other entries. like please, how corny
can you get? i told her to buy some tits. just guess what
she said. hahahahah, it went something like this "hey
taisa where did you get your clothes, value village?" her
and her friends laugh. "yes actually i did. is that a
problem?" i say. "What? you mean you actually get your
barf clothes at a wellfare store? you DO know that those
clothes are second hand, right?" this is the time where
you just want to shout out duh."go buy some tits, winter."
"taisa, you put the whore in horrifying." aat this point
she and her friends where already giving each other high
fives. kill me now! they dont make me mad, it just bothers
me that they are the popular ones. why do so many people
like them? it amazes me. my whole goddamn school is a
bunch of blonde halfwits. argh...

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