2002-11-04 20:14:22 (UTC)

Menu Making

I've made a menu for this week which should hopefully
reduce the amount of leftovers we have. The leftover
cornbread from tonight will be used later in the stuffing
for the chicken we'll have later. I'm also using up some
soft apples for the fried apple rings, brown bananas for
banana bread and so on. This should help keep the food
budget in line.
The news for today was that Mr. Bolf has resigned. He's a
very good and very popular high school English teacher but
because of the layoffs the school has done they had him
teaching classes he felt he was not trained to teach so he
quit. Things are not looking good for our tiny school
district. I can see in a few years that the students in
Brownsville will be going to Lebanon schools, those in
Halsey to Harrisburg and those in Shedd to Albany or
Corvallis. Long, long bus rides for some including the
youngest. That will be the end of Central Linn as it's the
schools which hold our little towns together. I'm happy my
youngest is a high school senior but I feel for those with
younger children who'll have to deal with this.