Malu Lani

Dear Diary
2002-11-04 19:30:26 (UTC)

What a day

So on Friday Brad and I went to the basketball
was SO exciting! The people that we were sitting next to
were Cavs fans as they made it a lot more
exciting for me.

When I saw Carlos come out onto the court, I was so
excited. I was jumping up and down....I took a whole roll
of pictures, of mainly just Carlos haha....Since I was
pretty sure Carlos wasn't going to be able to hear me by
myself over everyone in the entire stadium, I had the
people sitting next to me help me scream at him. He
finally looked over and he recognized me! The guy sitting
next to us is deaf in one ear, so he can read lips. I
guess the guy standing next to Carlos asked who he was
waving at and he said, a blast from the past! I'm so happy
he recognized me, I wasn't sure he was going to since I'm
bigger than I was in Juneau, and it has been 3 years. Then
umm, oh, he got to play during the game!! When he took off
his warm ups and went onto the court, I started crying. I
was so happy for him, I couldn't contain myself.

After the game we were going to Kolby's and I saw a car
accident. I put my soda down on the center console so I
could call 911, and then Brad sped up and the soda spilt in
the car. He was really pissed, he didn't talk to me for
like 45 minutes to an hour.....I thought it was stupid.
You can clean the shit up you know? It's not like I spilt
a can of black paint in there or anything.

I told Brad I loved him that night. I figured it was the
best time, we had just gotten over a fight, and we've been
through some weird times, and I just felt so strongly for
him at the time, I wanted him to know exactly how I felt.
I was SO nervous, but it all paid off because he loves me
too! Or at least he says so, I hope he meant it when he
said it. He said he was waiting for me to say it. So
yeah. It was a good day.

On Saturday Brad gambled with A.J. I knew it was dumb.
Brad was down $300!!! I don't know if Brad knows when to
quit. He's lost so much money to A.J. it's rediculous.
Luckily brad came back and only lost $60. But's

But anyway, Brad and I are gonna go look for a birthday
present for his mom, so.....peace