Life Styles of the Rich and the Famous (
2002-11-04 18:34:41 (UTC)

I hate it

i have this illness that they call fibromyalgia, it is an
illness that doctors have just now found out is curable. My
mother has it also. I am so tired today and my legs are
hurting a little. I can't wait til next summer when i get
to start taking this medicine call guai to help me get
better. the illness is not contagious or anything it is
hereditary. I feel so tired and worn out. this morning in
math class i couldn't even concentrate i was so tired. the
only way that i can cure that is to sleep, but i hardly
ever have time to do that. I just hope that it doesn't
interfere with too much stuff that i do.

---hurting and worn out---

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