2002-11-04 16:00:38 (UTC)

a scarlett walk

the day before yesterday i sang in front of 50,000 people
at the national ffa convention. it was... huge.
exhilerating. the biggest break ever. ...

when i'm on stage my mind goes blank. there are thousands
of people ... but they're just... one entity. and the
flashing lights are so awesome... like ten thousand stars
twinkling in darts... . . .. .

the trip was bitter-sweet, though. i'm so sick of the
bullshit drama that keeps flowing like acid from these
rednecks lips. ...

stop dwelling, neeley.



i had an ok break in louisville, ky... to some degree.

i went to see The Ring last night. it was awesome... ...
i'll spare you the details and just insist on you going to
see it. ... go. now.

my arm hurts.

i'm gone