Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-11-04 15:44:49 (UTC)


seems like everything these days
has in form or another to do with
barter, trade, money, cash

I am totally broke, and man, it
just makes me nuts, well at the
very least my rent is paid for,
I still need to pay for the rest
of my futon, and the phone bill

funny how things work, I can
borrow money, but the people
I do it from, are all tapped out to
right now, I think I owe like $50
to people, and I don't have it

shit, this really sucks, well, I am
off to work, I had thought I would
just quit, or not go in today, but I
don't think that would do me any
good, probably just end up being
a total fucking disaster more like
than not

well, I get my laptop back from the
fixit shoppe, yay, things should at
the very least get a little better...