Life as I know it.
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2001-08-11 19:03:47 (UTC)

This one time, at band camp...

SO I saw American Pie 2, great fucking movie, a definately
must see...its like earlier in this week i was
watching "Before Night Falls" about an exiled cuban poet,
and then I watched American Pie 2. They were both
fantastic in their own way. I actually went to see it with
Cara, Tiffany, Jesse, and Lara...which is weird cause im
like 90% sure Matt knows the first two. I know them too.
ITs just strange sometimes, I really dont even want to talk
to anyone who knew Matt. I seriously have this outlook
like he is non-existent as long as I dont think about him,
which isnt much these days. Im getting a lot better, of
course I havent been talking to him thats why. It's better
like this. ANd right now I have way too much stuff going
on or coming up to even think that way. But I do hate when
i get alone feelings, its like when i see couples out i
dont get bitter, well i do soemtimes, but its just
saddening, there are like two and a half billion men in
this world, i have none.

But anyway im going to go now, taking Jen to get a tattoo
(Jen was my first roommate here), so that will be