my life sux
2002-11-04 14:45:17 (UTC)

"We went to My MIL"

Hello Diary,
I realy dreaded it but I went with Dennis just to get him
home I thought earlier , which wasn't the case.
His mother who had him work on her computer.
That's what she went to school for but she didn't learn a
thing obviously.
She did buy us a late lunch anyway and Dennis ended up
fixing her computer and getting CD writables out of her and
a "17 monitor also.
When we walked into her apartment I walked into a board.
Dennis told her she needed to throw things away and she
didn't like that one bit, boy she's more of a pack rat now
than she has ever been.
I could barely walk down the hall of her apartment.
When i turned on the light in her kitchen what a mess I saw.
I hate going to Macon to her apartment.