Krazy Kat

My Psychotic Ramblings
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2002-11-04 14:32:48 (UTC)


I'm not taking them to-day. I don't think I need any. I
know I get depressed, but I think I can handle it. I think
I could take a Klonopin to ease the depression and anxiety
if things get too bad. I only took 25mg of Luvox yesterday
and was fine. 25mg of Luvox is like nothing.

My Beau came over last night. I enjoyed the sex more than
usual. I could feel it better, and it felt great (still
didn't have an orgasm, though). Maybe it's because of the
lower amount of antidepressants in my system that caused it
to feel better.

I wrote my Beau a 3-page Love Letter. I think he liked it,
but I don't know for sure. I don't think he knew what to
think about it. Like, why was I being so nice and saying
such great things about him? I just Love him and wanted to
do something for him. I have him a black carabiner, too,
which means he is one of the chosen. I hope he realizes
what that means...How much he means to me.