My Life
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2001-08-11 18:20:36 (UTC)


hehe yay! im so excited!! i get presents today! well
actually i already got the one from my parents and one from
my friend's ashley&laura so that was awesome! i'm going out
today with ryan jenna and sam since dave isn't here and he
can't get jealous of ryan! it's gonna be awesome, i
haven't seen ryan or sam since school ended! YAY! Anyways,
last night i worked, it was fun i think i'm moving up in
the ranks, i actually got to do some customer service
stuff, it was cool. crazy old lady came in last night,
causin trouble as usual, haha she cracks everyone up cuz
she's so crazy! oh dear! went riding this morning, rode
bagels, it was fun we did some lil x-country fences,
nothing big, but it doesnt matter cuz we're goin to camp
tomorrow NON-STOP X-COUNTRY! sweet! and no boys to confuse
us, we just get to be ourselves for 2 weeks! it'll be so
amazing i can't wait! anywyas i gotta go have a shower
before i go out