4=150N, '> KimPhuongHo: Welcome to my Diary.


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2002-11-04 13:00:15 (UTC)

Welcome to my Diary.

Quye^?n so^? Nha^.t Ky' nhu* la` mo^.t ngu*o*`i ba.n tha^n
thie^'t cu?a chi'nh CatPhuong va^.y. Nhu*~ng lu'c vui-
buo^`n va` nhu~ng ca?m nha^.n ve^` su*. vie^.c xung quanh
cuo^.c so^'ng cu?a CatPhuong de^`u ddu*o*.c vie^'t va`o
trang Nha^.t Ky'. Tuy ra(`ng chi? la` mo^.t va^.t vo^ tri
nhu*ng vo'i CatPhuong thi` trang Nha^.t Ky' luo^n ca?m
tho^ng va` tha^'u hie^?u cho nhu*~ng ta^m tu* va` ti`nh ca?
m cha^'t chu*'a trong lo`ng cu?a CatPhuong.
Lu*u y': Tie^'ng vie^.t ddu*o*.c dda'nh da^'u chi? duy
nha^'y trang Welcome nay` tho^i.

This Diary is my close friend... When I am sad or happy and
what is in my mind is written on my Diary pages. Although
It is just a lifeless thing but with me, It is sympathize
with me and It understands thoroughly me as always!