down in my eyes
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2002-11-04 09:29:06 (UTC)

perfection through silence.

I just got back from the Saves the Day show, about half
an hour ago. I'm really cold right now, 'n there's not
much to say. But i'm glad i went, anyway.

Anyway, I went to go pick up Jessica, 'n i got lost soo
much along the way. After the many twists 'n U-turns,
'n after finally finding parking,... we finally got to
the Palace, around 730pm. The show had started at 630.
So, we didn't miss much, besides an opening band we
didn't know anyway.

Well, when we got to the window, both of us were
reaching into our purses, to get our $15 out, to buy
our tickets. The guy at the door though, offered 'n
sold us our two tickets, for only $20! Awesome.
Me 'n Jessica later talked about how we got in for such
a good price. We're figuren that.. that particular
employee prolly was able to get the tickets for free,
so he then sold it to us, so He can make a profit.
Oh well. All 3 of us came out happy, in the end.

Anyway, blah blah, blah. The opening bands played,
then Saves the Day was up. We didn't want it to be
this way, but me 'n Jessica ended up being separated
for most of the show. So I was mostly by myself,
but it's nothing new to me, anyway.
She ended up being in the front, while i lingered in
the back, so i'd be able to crowd surf.
I only went up acouple times, but, Yes of course,
it kicked ASS, as usual.
I tried to take some pictures, but i wasn't really able
to, since there were too many tall people in my way.

The show ended at about 11pm. I took Jessica home,
got lost (again), 'n got home at about midnite.
On my way driving home, there was a huuuge accident,
just off of Azusa. 3 cars were CRUSHED, 'n there was a
cloud of smoke around them. There were several police
cars, 'n a few ambulances. The accident was only about
half a block in front of me, too. Most of us ended up
"illegally" exiting, by going off the side, thru the dirt, leading
to the side street. Luckily i exited tho, since the police cars blocked
that street off acouple minutes after i did. It was a pretty damn
bad accident. The victims were lying on the side of the road, with
paramedics surrounding them. Me 'n other nosey observers stuck
around for a few minutes, but it was getten late, 'n i had to get home.

It's 1...am something right now, 'n I'm going to sleep, now.
I have to wake up early tommorrow, to go get my passport made.
Peace, out.

"I plan on Never waking up.."