Seraphic Decay
2002-11-04 06:47:33 (UTC)

Portending dissolution of hope

It is my ardent belief that humans, as a race, werent meant
to live to the ages we reach these days. With advance after
advance in technology, especially so in the medical field,
we now have the capability to sustain life even in the most
extreme cases. But, has modern day living put too much
value upon human life, rather than the quality of living?
People like Dr. Jack Kevorkian seem to think otherwise, and
I find myself inclined to have parallel morals as well.
Sure science can maintain brain activity within a person
who has little to no bodily function, and thus the person
is considered alive. Therein lies the core problem of
medical ethics. The label of being alive constitutes that
the ending of such permanent suffering is no less than an
aggregious act against humanity. Im not so musically
cultured as my wife, though I believe it was once
said, "Live and let die...".

With all of these extra years of life endowed unto me by
technology, and modern knowledge, I can continue to ponder
the reason for the existence of anything and everything as
a whole. Animals, plants, any sentient species really has
but only one goal in existence: Survive and Propogate.
Humans do this with a bit more flair, as their basic needs
for survival are generally met with a bit of ease, and so
they have found other things to turn their mental processes
upon, society. Simply writing that word makes me cringe
internally, as the generic equivalence to it, in my mind,
is that wretched concept of conformity. In Maslow's
Hierarchy of Needs, humans will first seek to meet their
basic necessities; food, water, shelter. Their secondary
concern is that of safety, the ability to continue with
stability. These two I can agree with completely, but the
manner people go about their lives seeking acceptance is
purely alien to me. From these acts of conformity, or being
a nonconformist for the sake of nonconformity, stem my
greatest hatred of american society. The idolizing of
people, through this people display a blatant lack of self-
esteem, and it also shows that they are unable to define
greatness within themselves. Instead of ranting and raving
about how advertising, and the need for social acceptance
has corrupted the vast majority of people, especially the
newer generations, I will simply state this: Do what you
need or want to do, not because someone else is, but only
because it is truly what _you_ need and or want. Conformity
in all forms is a true sign of ignorance and a lack of

I relinquish the soapbox now...

Till later...