lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-04 06:00:30 (UTC)

mark my words...

haha my new favorite phrase. meghan came over
tonight and we had a doozy of a talk. basically we
decided that we're both evil and it's a pretty good
feeling. ahh no just kidding.

uhh today we went to the was pretty tight. i
actually really liked it...we saw "santa clause 2"...haha
the "mrs. clause" thingy...pretty funny. no papa gigo, but
still...a very worthwhile experience...especially when
followed by a trip to jack in the crack. i went in the boy's
bathroom and we had some special moments, but it
was fun...and dad asked me how many boys
i'm courting right now and i started cracking up. what a
cute guy.

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