Jessey's Diary
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2001-08-11 17:18:34 (UTC)

See You Next Summer...

Well, today's the day. I am leaving Texas at 2:00 pm today.
It will be strange when I go home. I have heard that things
have changed, in appearence as well as emotionally. My room
is not the same place I left behind; things have been
added, and subtracted. But my books are still there, as are
my writings. Thus, my room is still my own. My CD player
still sits perched atop my dresser, and all my CDs lined up
like soldiers next to it. I now have a telephone sitting on
my desk. And my sheer white curtains have been changed to
sheer yellow instead, to match my new Malibu type bedset,
instead of my hand-made, queen-size, pastel, nine-patch
quilt. The pictures I left sitting on my bookshelves, are
gone, and now sit on my desk, as well. My journls line the
shelves on the wall, and inside my cherry bookcase. My
sister's hair is highlighted, and layered instead of her
short brown bob, and she will have contacts not far from
now. Yes, everything has changed, yet it all remains the

Farewell for now, as I await next summer in eager
anticipation of returning to Dallas, though I will write
often in this diary from my home in Albuquerque.


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