Thoughts to Share
2002-11-04 05:11:50 (UTC)

fun times

So the weekend-was good. Ok-very good. :-D I have a
massive week coming up. 3 exams..just like last week. Yet
somehow I'm not so worried about them yet.
Friday night-Olive Garden & Sweet Home Alabama...finally.
Good movie. Loved it. How sweet! :-)
Saturday-studied, saw Scott :-D, chilled here Saturday
night, which was good. I feel like I've been a slacker
today, but maybe it's alright.
Talked to my mom tonight for the first time in a week I
guess. She'd been sick this morning. I worry about her.
She gets these migraine-like episodes, which apparently
aren't really migraines. Yet-I think they do develop from
stress, which she has too much of. I just worry about her.
Also talked to Bridget Elise tonight. I'm super excited
b/c I think I'm finally going to be able to see the
Christmas parade again. With all the craziness in my life
these days, I really miss being able to go to the parade.
I've always gone, since Bridget & I were little. I can
just be me, be there, even if its for just a little bit. I
am sad b/c Mom & Daniel won't be able to make it, so things
won't totally be normal. But-these days semi-normal is