I have become comfortably numb
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2002-11-04 04:55:20 (UTC)

Their is no explanation in your supposed, "Holy Book."

Tomorrow is my brother's 21st birthday. The one everyone
looks forward to right? Well, it's quite ironic b/c on
their 21st birthday everybody drinks. I mean they get
fuckin tore. Well that is what my brother would be doin
tomorrow, but instead he was killed by someone who happened
to be tore off their ass and decidied to drive. He died in
pain and agony all b/c of some asshole, who didn't even get
punished for what he did, decided to take a couple of
drinks and drive his happy ass home and on the way decided
to slam right into my brother's fuckin car. What reason
was their, for everyones supposed God to take him out of
this world, huh? Because of someone's sin, right?
Everyone gets punished for their sins. Well how in hell is
it fair for my brother to get punished for someone elses
sin? He didn't pick up that bottle, and he did not take
that drink. But he died anyways. And of course not just
right away. Your great wonder of the universe had to make
him suffer that night and on into the next morning. So the
only thing I can even think to ask was where was your god,
when that drunk driver hit my brother? Where was your god,
when my brother lied their in pain, and was suffering, and
died when he was only 19, huh? Where was he? Up in heaven
watching a another innocent person die, from the violent
act of another. Nothin was done to spare my brother and I
will never know why, nor will I ever understand. So I
guess I will be left with the great mystery of why Juli
died cause your supposed god who their happens to be no
proof of, will never tell me. I know the world cannot be
perfect, but why so much suffering? Why so much pain and
tears? Why do good ppl die so young for no reason? I bet
it doesn't say why in your Holy book now does it.
But no matter what answer or excuse ppl might think they have,
or even if their isn't one, I know it will never bring back my

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