Endless abyss of nonsense and sorrows
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2002-11-04 04:33:37 (UTC)

Nov 3 - weird

Last night had to be the weirdest night of my life...

It all started with me worrying about davin...
he hant gotten ahold of me to tell me he was ok
so i kinda...

That night we went to watch 'the ring'
its the scariest mobie i have EVER seen
that is no overstatement
i was scared to DEATH!!
I was like, killing Matt's hand
because i was squeezing it so hard
and i was crying after the movie....
i never get sceared with movies
like.. never
and this movie...
it got to me
and scared me SOOO bad
and there are scenes that wont get out of me head
and... a high pitched ringing that goes on in the movie
wont get out of my ears...
its scary.

before the movie,
kelsey and leah took some energy pills
like they needed any
after the movie they were SO wired
we went to denny's and they were
pacing and running everywhere
and creeping me out
i thougth they were going to OD
because they took 2
at once
and the max is 4
a day
and you arent even supposed to take them
if you are under 18.
I was freaking out
and sooo scared

leah saw they guy she liked
and started...
being sad
because she doesnt think he likes her back
and all this crap
she just went outside and just sat there
and kelsey said she was being a bitch
so i chewed on her ass for a minute
about how she should quit being a bitch
and all this
then went outside
to help leah
with her problems
and finally got her to come back inside
and feeling better
only to find matt...
about ready to kill himself
because he gave them the energy pills
and he didnt like to see them like this
and he took it as his fault
and he was so sad
so leah and i talked to him
told him it was going to be ok
and that we still loved him
and all this
and at least got him
to stop crying....

we got back to the house and kelsey
was going nuts because
she had this feeling that someone was going
to die
and i was desperatley getting online
to see if davin was ok... and she gasped
and said
'what if it was davin'
and of the top of my head
i said
'if it was then im gone'
and she broke
and started crying
and screaming
i didnt mean to make her cry
but she....
.... did
and i saw that i had an e mail
at the same moment she was crying
and i was forced with this decision
of calming myself by reading the email
and seeing if it was davin
or calming kelsey
by telling her it was ok....
well, kelsey screamed and ran off
so i ran to help her
even though she was being a witch
and i got her to come back to the computer with me
so i could read the email
which turned out to be from davin
hes ok
thank God
and i talked kelsey down
so things were going better

but matt
was starting to cry again
and felt bad
and said that it reminded him of when
his friends were on speed
and he wondered how
he could have been so dumb
as to introduce
into that kind of stuff
and he just felt so bad
it hurt
to watch him cry
but finally
he dried his eyes
i gave him a hug
and everything became
i thought everything was ok

matt took us all home
and i was laying in the very back
just staring out the back window
at the stars
and looking at their wonderful beauty
and wonered
if they were as beautiful
up close

we dropped kelsey off
and then
headed to seths
to drop him off
and i was staring off
thinking about
how glad i was
that davin was ok
and how worried i was
and was laughing
about how i actually
had asked my mom if we could go
so i could see him
and she was actually considering it
its nice to know that
if he's ever in trouble
my moms good enough to take me there
so i can see him

but anyways
i was thinking all this
and all of a sudden
slam on the breaks
makes me tweak my elbow out
we hit a deer
just nicked it
but we still hit it
it ran off and the car was ok
so we drove off
and we were all laughing
at how ironic it was
that kelsey was going nuts about all this
and something almost happened
and it was just funny

we got to leahs and i wrote davin back
and went to bed
a dreamless sleep....
to be greeted by the orange sunrise
and the frosted dew
and the freezing cold
that made your breath rise
that signaled
the next morning's coming
and the start of another day
but thats another story

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