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2002-11-04 03:21:13 (UTC)


This really byts!! I just broke up w/ Geoff i just didnt
feel the same bout him i dont know why! I did like him
though really i did..But now i like Joshua AGAIN! and i
hate that i do..I know he doesnt like me and prolly nuthin
will happen between us!.!But i do still like him..Why?! Why
is it i cant get over him! I mean all it is, is more pain
and hurt! Sittin here hopin hed like me again but knowin it
wont happen!.I love him w/ all my heart i always have and
always will..but i just wish id get over him...I memba
every moment that we've had camping and everything and i
think bout him often..UGH!
Im out!

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