Daily Rants
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2002-11-04 03:02:52 (UTC)

Orgo Orgo Orgo!

This organic chemistry exam tuesday is starting to scare me
more and more. You can always tell when a big exam is
coming up at K, students kinda hunker down in their dorms
and study lounges, looking like fishermen waiting for that
nor'easter to blow in...

Julia commented on just how neurotic K students really
are. She was talking about how she had almost no work to
do this weekend, and she was still stressed because she
thought she was forgetting something. So there you go.
Catch-22. We stress when there's work to do and stress
about having no work to do. (Speaking of such, I'm going
to be in the mood for MAJOR stress relief tuesday and
wednesday once everything is done)

So tralalala off I go back into Orgo Land for LOTS of
studying now that my psych project is done.

That beast ended up being 32 pages and 6,500 words.

It's probably going to be longer that my SIP. Thank God I'm
a Science Major...