Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-08-11 15:04:24 (UTC)

Mary dream, me confused, dustin miss

I had a really weird dream last night. In it Mary had
turned like... POP, and I was mad at her. I was violently
mad at her. She had abandoned all the things she really
liked (EVEN BNL!!!!) and had these 8 girls with her...
when they did a pop move (you know like what those stupid
singers do in thier songs) like they were Eve something
from that tv show... and i screamed and attacked her and
stuff, trying to shake her out of it, but she just smiled
back like she was brainwashed or something... And then i
realized she was on my property... had been the whole time,
With her "friends" and so i told her, still screaming, to
get the fuck off of my property and that if i ever saw her
anywhere ever i would call her a piece of shit traitor or
something because that's what she was... and it was all
weird, and that's when i realized the moral of my dream...
pop is the enemy and i'm afriad of losing mary as a
friend... or maybe i just stayed up to late last night and
had a wierd dream... anyways... i had another dream last
night where i was at a sleepout with people in my class...
but none of my friends... and I managed to dis chealsea, I
refused to sit near her... I looked at her right behind the
seat i was sitting down in, gave her a look, like she was
nasty milk with green mold growing on it... and then just
stood up and walked away... It was a non-important dream
(yeah making up words i know) but it was great anyways...
cuz it was afterwards that i had that nightmare.

Yeah so... i got one of those emails nagging me that i
haven't written in SO long... come on... i've been away and
it hasn't been long at all! So where was i? Kingdom
Bound... and i heard new bands that are cool and i had a
lot of fun... but now i'm even more spiritually confused...
cuz i have morals and ideas that really contrast
with "christian" morals... and with my morals, nobody would
call me a christian... so fine... i'm not so willing to
give up my beliefs... at all actually!!! I mean, if that's
what it takes to have a relationship with jesus... i'll
create my own religion!!! i mean... i believe in jesus
now... i think... no, i do... yes... so... yeah.

Dustin... if your reading this... I REALLY missed talking
to you!!!! SO MUCH!!! i mean it's been an entire week!!!
How was your family campout? I wish i had been there...
really i do... and i miss you more than ever, especially
knowing that you were in the same state as me and we STILL
didn't see you... hmmmm... I love you and wish you were

Well everybody... (those who don't read this journal, which
is all but me and dustin... and maybe will --- oh yeah,
will and my twin!!!) I just wrote maybe my longest entry
ever... whoa.

~fiona... katy... carly... caroline j.