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2001-08-11 14:48:05 (UTC)

a letter from a friend

Dear merryquite,
Will I ever find the right keys? Who cares the box is
locked and its going to stay locked.I have been reading a
book about changing your life and this book advises women
to abstain from sex to help clear your thoughts.Being
female,the thought appealed to me and I like the
idea.However,the men in my life believe the idea is insane.
But flying is easier when I do not have any relationships
with men going in my life.Sex can be distracting and
annoying especially when they act like idiots which they
do..I would rather talk about the routine you shared with
me.I find it relaxing and fun.Being quiet for a few seconds
of deep breath helps me to think more clearly.The stretches
help to loosen my muscles before I begin the exercises.
I have decided not to read what I write for a few weeks
just write it and leave it for two weeks.I deleted my post
from yesterday and it was good.I want to be perfect and
there is no such thing as heaven on earth.Eden does not
exist and man still blames woman for the fall.
I am working today.I will not read nor edit this post for
two days.These people will be bugging me until I get off the
telephone and I do hav