I am a goddess
2001-08-11 14:22:43 (UTC)


i am in pain, its that time of the month again and as per
usual i feel like shit on a stick. Sitting nearly bent ovr
double and any more painkillers might kill me, so instad of
suffering quietly (most unlikely to happen) i am going to
write down my torment in these pages to make mysef feel
better. Ow oW OW!!!! knives stabbing in my stomach, maybe
its the fact that im talking about it makes it feel worse.
i will sht up now. anyway i am toying with the idea of
becoming a goth. it seems quite cool and i have nothing
better to do, i ahve bright red hair i would make a great
goth. people are already scared of me as it is, so i would
be a cool goth. well itd only a thought , think painkillers
have addled my brain. Nearly fell off chair not good, think
alcohol might make me feel better. will try that pain
relief method, more fun too, gtg
cya on a more sensible day
luv ya
supervixen xxxxx