Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-08-11 14:19:33 (UTC)

Things That Make Me Feel Awesome

From recent to far in the past, these are the things that
made and make me feel awesome about myself...

1) Being voted Most Talented by my senior class.
2) Being elected to the House of Representatives at Girls
3) Winning the Elks scholarship.
4) Having people notice how much weight I've lost.
5) Hanging out at a frat house and not feeling out of place.
6) Getting so many compliments for the solo I sang at the
Madrigal Feaste my junior year.
7) Listening to the tape of my junior Madrigal Feaste and
agreeing with the compliments.
8) Being a scholar bowl conference MVP.
9) Going straight 1's in both of my events in prelims at a
speech meet.
10) Wrapping the tape measure around myself at the length I
actually meaured 3 months ago and seeing just how loose it
11) Having all of my high school friends act like they were
genuinely excited to see me when I walked into Melanie's
12) Being one of Leah's best friends.
13) Getting so many compliments about my eyes.
14) Driving a red sports car.
15) Wearing a two-piece at Leah's house in front of Aaron
and still feeling completely comfortable.
16) Not eating very much. (See next entry for an
17) Knowing that I'm blonde and smart at the same time!
18) Knowing that I'm the type of person who people can
trust and open up to.
19) Having the discipline to work out even when I really
don't feel like it- and seeing the results of it later!
20) Being myself.