The land of unknown
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2001-08-11 14:11:15 (UTC)

Oh fuck

well, Lyz admits that her entry wasn't really her talking.
and she seems to be doing better. i don't know if i had
anything to do with her feeling better. she never replied
to what i said and she never mentioned anything in her
diary. i guess as long as she's doing better. and then
BIG news! Ben, the guy who got with Kitty before me,
broke up with her. how about that. gets with her JUST
before i was, and was with her for the end of school
and most of summer. and caused her a little summer
greif, then brakes up with her. AHHHHHH!!!!! but i
promised Kitty i wont yell at him. even though i wish i
could at least hit him, but i can't do that. and then my life
is boring as hell!!!

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