the pooj files
2002-11-04 02:12:04 (UTC)


ok, so when the hell did life get sooo complicated? why am
i such a dumbass? someone needs to explain to me why life
is so complicated....

so basically, i have this friend, lets call him ty. and
well i kinda like ty, hes sweet, nice and has an incredibly
kind heart. but theres one problem...hes an ass..like a
big out stupid ass. he has mood swings like a women with
hot flashes. i wish guys would be easier to read.
seriously, i would kind of like to be told when i do stupid
things. and well im not giving any more details, daaaamn i
mean its a online diary, exactly how safe can it be? and
what if "ty's" reading this?

open mouth stick foot in...