Reinhardt boy

A funny thing called life!
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2002-11-04 02:10:28 (UTC)

I know nothing AnD FEEl Shitty

Well i woke up today and had that feeling in my stomach.
you know that sick feeling. well Lindsey Calls me at like
3. hold firstlet me provide you withthe latest info. Last
night i got told that we are on a break. which i still
don't really understand. so any ways she called me at 3.
and i ended up meeting them and to help them find the
schools. Well it ended up making me feel terrible so i
didn' help themfinish. so any ways i have a feeling that i
am a wound that is slowly getting the band aid rip off. or
the drowning victim with the life saver inches away. Well
lindsey is not throwing me anything and no informaion. at
i Just think that she want even aknowledge me if i don't
make contact with her. and i havent clue what i am supposed
to do. so LINdsey if you read this please letme know
somthing. I have noidea at all. tonight it just seem like i
was jsut that guy to help them out with homework or
somthing. You know how can a person dating another person
and tak a "break" act like nothing is worng like it doesn't
bother you. cause i know it bohers the hell out of me.
Things change so much in 1 week that you need time apart.
and you can just pretend that anything wasn't ever there.
tonight that is what bothered me she pretended that we
never had anything. HOw can it not bother her. Can you
please give me a explination.