would the world stop spinning
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2002-11-04 02:08:59 (UTC)

music is my god

i've just recently started listining to emo music and i'm
in love with can be punky and sad at the same time,
or it can ust be depressing. i already hadda thing for slow
song and love songs. i just got bleed america by jimmy eat
world and i can't get enough of it.i really like dashboard
confessional too. i'd enjoy if some people would post more
about the music that they like. i use music to get to know
people more often than anything else... besides photography
and poetry that's my only other big interest.i'm into
pretty music all kindas od music except country and most
rap,although there is some rap i like a lot. atmosphere and
tone deff esp.i use music as my biggest mood altering
device. if i'm angry i can get my aggression out through
music or if i'm depressed i can listin to some be-boppy
kinda music.

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