The days of my life
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2001-08-11 14:03:48 (UTC)

Moving day...

Well, weather or not I am stupid is yet to be seen. I just
moved into an apartment with my friend Dave. Not really a
big deal except for the fact that he is my ex-boyfriend. I
am not sure how we got from almost being married to being
just really good friends, but it has happened. I am
actually feeling very alone right now. He is looking for
new girls, and I guess I would like to find a new guy, but
I still love him and it makes it hard. So, like I said, we
will see if I am stupid or not. I look around at my things
here in the apartment and I wonder if I am doing a good
thing. I mean, it feels ok, but I don't know it is just
strange. Maybe it is just all of the change that is going
on. I just don't really want to fuck up my life, that's
all. Maybe I was meant to be a screw up. We shall see here
in a while. If nothing else, classes start up again in a
week and I also start my new job. So, if nothing else I can
throw myself into all of that. I am actually looking
forward to all of that starting. I miss my friends and
stuff from college, so at least I will be able to see all
of them. I guess I will just use this time to start over. I
have wanted to do that for a long time. Maybe that is what
I will do. Only time can tell all of that. and time is all
I have.

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