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2002-11-04 01:42:16 (UTC)

muslim 'terror'

i hate to admit it but it has begun. religious
discrimination is on the rise again...particularly to the

indonesian homes have been raided here in australia by the
government because of the bali bombing. they were raided
simply because they're indonesian homes...which almost
means that they're muslims. stupid howard.

almost every islamic group in south east asia has been
labelled as 'terrorist'. it seems that these 'terrorist
groups' have been called that simply because they are
islamic. they are always associated with the al-qaeda or
jemaah islamiah. god knows whether or not they truly are
associated with the al-qaeda. we must admire bush for that
though. he knows who the culprits are even without

what's more...the european union plans to blacklist my
country as a terror haven. isn't that great news?

well terrorism (whatever that means) is definitely on the
rise. but i must say that george bush is responsible for

war against terrorism. by retaliating, i feel that he has
given his enemies more power by making them more popular.
they are covered extensively in media, more rebels hear
about them and learn to love them more because not only is
the rebel leader opposing america, he is opposing the
entire world. now that's an admirable trait isn't it?

which is why..ever since september 11, more attacks have
occured. not to mention the idiotic war in afghanistan.

well rebels have risen and attacked everywhere. the bombing
in bali, the bombings in the philippines (which of course
wasn't covered extensively by the global media because only
filipinos have been affected), the chechen rebels holding
people hostage in a moscow theatre.

now, malay groups and some indonesian groups have raised
osama bin laden's status to a legendary hero. and when they
are ready, i feel that the attacks that will be done by
these groups (and other groups across the globe) are going
to be even more aggressive, more powerful, and will
definitely be a bigger blow than 9/11 is to america.

well i'm not muslim. and i'm not american. but i must say
that i somehow side with the rebels. maybe because i do not
like what bush is doing. nor do i like all the suck-up
lapdog country leaders following after bush's decision as
if he's the god of the universe or something. they are like
dogs waiting and wagging their tails for bush's every whim.

who gave bush the power to call this group or that group
terrorist anyway? unless god himself bestowed the power of
knowing everything to little ol george bush.

but then, who cares? i'm just an 18 year old kid with an

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