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2002-11-04 01:33:20 (UTC)

Trip Denied

John and I were going to go to Corvallis today to bring
Gavin back to university but Jessica brought him instead so
our trip was cancelled. We still have to do the recycling
and there are some library books so the trip will have to
be soon. I plan to go grocery shopping in the morning while
Hugh's in school and John's asleep after working a 12-hour
graveyard shift.
Friday Five (late as usual)

Q: Was I raised in a particular religious faith:
A: Yes, as a Roman Catholic
Q: Do I still practice that faith?
A: Parts of it. I still say the rosary, I save
grace before meals and I say my prayers before going to bed.
Q: What do I think happens after death?
A: I believe in heaven
Q: What is my favorite religious ritual?
A: I say the rosary every day
Q: Do I believe people are basically good?
A. Yes. But I also believe that there are
evil people.

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