Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-11-04 00:30:45 (UTC)

i'm poop-ted out

well thrusday i had to go to school. then i had to take
those stupid test that took three hours. uuuggghhhh!

and after that i got to go home. woo hoo! then i went to a
party in long beach. it was much fun. i didnt get back till
7 the next morning cuz we had to drive this guy to palm
springs. i got maybe an hour worth of sleep during the

when i got home i had to jump in the shower and go to work.
uuugghh. it was long day, well i got off work at three so
i went home and slept for an hour or two when eric called
me and asked me if i was gonna go to Amy's party or not.

i said i would. so i got up and took a shower. i got there
probably about eight-8:30ish. It was ok until Mark showed
up. then it was GREAT! I was soooo happy he showed up. i
love him soooo much!!!! so yeah, i got to soend some time
with him. but he couldnt stay to long cuz he had to work
early the next morning.

will and them showed up. amy told me mary had invited them
and that she didnt really want them there.

and after i left i went to my friend Melissa's house in
point loma. i didnt get home till like three or four. then
i went to sleep for a few hours and had to get up and get
ready for work.

work was fun cuz tommy was working. and since we were
closing together he asked if i wanted to go out for dinner.
and of course i said yes. he followed me to my house so i
could drop off my car and we took his car. we went to
denny's for dinner and then we went to the promanade for a
movie but it was full of beaners so we went to mission but
that was just as bad so we just ended up going back to his
house. we watched some movies and "hung out" and then he
took me home around 2.

i had fun spending time with him. he's really cool. and
he's NOT GAY!!! woo hoo! ;-)

anyways.....well i have to go study for a Jazz history and
development test. later masturbator.
ps.....i love mark!!!!!!!