Jess's Journal
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2002-11-04 00:17:22 (UTC)

hahaha..not a comedian

"when you lose a part of yourself to somebody you know, it
takes a lot to let go, every breath that you remember,
pictures fade away but memory is forever." hey guys..i'm
emotionally happy..why let guys bring me down..when i stop
looking is when i find them anyways..so why even try...
physically bad...bad bad cold..and my mom told me i'd be
grounded if i got sick..like i can really help it..so i've
been trying to get better so she doesn't notice. i'm
crossing my fingers that the place i applied at hires me.
now someone once told me that how could someone not hire
me..well...that's just the thing. i don't know..i don't
know what's wrong with me...well that's a lie...i do...i
know my faults..and it'd be a really big fault not to
notice them. so i am not perfect..so sue me..neither are
you or you or you...may be close but no one is perfect. i
know my entries have been way shorter lately but my
thinking time is best in the morning and i kind of don't
have all that much time in the morning anymore..but i try.