A Princess
2001-08-11 10:31:19 (UTC)


FESTIVAL! Front row places, wha hey got drenched, no
exaggerating, I got a lovely blkue poncho too!YAY :) Anyway
after a few rubbish bands moody got ill forcing us to leave
our front row seats, the ones that we'd eben standing in 4
six hours too keep, typical typical kelly :( She didnt seem
really ill and vicky was exaggerating, I really wanted to
stay but obviously I couldnt :( They wanted to go home, so
we started to walk. Vicky miraculously got better and wanted
to go on a ride with kelly, but she didnt, then we bumped
into kate, matt,james,tim n amrtin, phew! I told them what
had happened and I really wanted 2 stay and even though I
was muddy thanx 2 some stupid girl who I felt like pouncing
on,lol and the mud :( AND MY HAIR, was such a mess I felt
like crying there,lol but after a brush and matts water
bottle I felt okay so I stayed with them :) IT WAS SOOO
FUNNY! I had to rely on matt to pull me thru most of the
mud, cos it was so hard to get thru!lol I got stuck, and
lost my trainer so many times! I was covered in mud up to my
knees! We managed to work our way 2 the front even thoo I
weas standing directly behind a 7ft guy who would not move,
so i just just behind him the whole time and kinda pushed
myself into him until eventually he moved,hehehe! It as
really really cool even though I didnt manage fornt row for
the best acts:( (KELLY!)

Didnt do much, cant rememebr to be honest...nm,lol

I GOT MY LETTER, Chris hu u proved me wrong, but as for the
braclet it fits, just a lil ahrd to tie up but I'll work it
out! AND THE BEADY ONE! Talk about massive, is that supposed
to be a braclet too!?!?! I mean its more like a anklet
actually so I hope u meant it to be or u expect me to have
some chunky wrists,lol, a dime looks so tacky made,hehe
americans...Well better go, chris home soon,YAY