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Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-11-03 23:57:43 (UTC)

wantin' him back

i haven't written since last weekend sorry. iight dis week.
hmm where to start. sumtime during da week i got in trouble
for "startin' riotz and chanting on da bus" and i had like
3 write upz for all dis otha shit and so i had to go see da
administrator. he sent me back to class. den mess cumz up
to me in da lunch room and tellz me i have a day of I.S.S
for it. and i thought he walked away and i whuz mad so i
whuz like. "dat is so fuckin' stupid, im so pissed" and den
everyone whuz lookin behind me and den der whuz mr. mess
standing right bhind me. he'z like ok now im adding on 3
more dayz. im like but..and he interupted me and whuz like
laura, stop while ur ahead. damn dat pissed me off. so i
have 4 dayz of I.S.S to serve. then like da same day i whuz
walkin' down da hallz wit heather. well, da bell whuz 'bout
to ring in like a min. and we wanted to go talk to sum
hella fine guy downstairz. so we ran down da hallway. and
den sum teacher whuz like "walk gurlz" and we kept runnin'
den she'z like "cum back here" we kept runnin' den she
like "gurlz cum here right now" we ran down da stairz talk
to da guy den ran back up to our class and made it on
time!! well, dat very same teacher got our namez from
rachel hall and tabitha elliot. rachel said my name and
tabitha said heatherz. why would rachel do dat i didnt do
nuttin to her she dont even kno me. stupid bitch. newayz da
teacher came in got us from class. took us to gooden
(principal) and he said a day of I.S.S or a 3hour friday
detention. i picked da detention cuz mandy, jenn, eric,
glenn, and jason all had one 2. so it'd be kool. k lata dat
day. we had a sub in sci. so i asked to got to da restroom,
gotta pass. and left. i walked round talked to people and
den went and got heather from english. so we were walkin
round and here cumz gooden. he goes "u 2 again" "lemme see
ur passes" it whuz 2:15 my pass whuz for 1:10 and heatherz
whuz for like 1:25. we both gotta see him monday. dis all
happened friday. we're in so much shit. uhh friday i just
chilled ova at jessica'z cuz we couldn't get ridez to da
moviez. den saturday mark wanted to go laser stormin' wit
da rest of da guyz and so we couldnt go to da moviez again.
ya kno no guyz..no fun so, i had sara ova and we watched
spiderman den at like 9:30 jon callz and wantz us to go see
a movie wit him andy and jon r. jon and jon end up not bein
able to go so we just went wit andy. we saw ghostship. it
whuz good. we had fun. den we came home watched enough. and
went to sleep. today (sunday) sara went home. i wacthed tv
den got ready for da day and did sum otha stuff. and now im
here...on da computa. iight im out! oh yea cody lookz
hella good and i want him back.