poetic kaos
2001-08-11 09:46:25 (UTC)


Whenever my heart feels helpless, lonley from the
silence this mind does hear.
whenever i feel like suicide ,is the only way to
stop each endless tear.

When days seem long, and nights seem cold, time
was always on my side.
than my thoughts became my tormenting pain,
misunderstanding the reasons that she cried.

out of no where came a stranger that created
echo with his noise
picking up the broken peices that her only love
somehow destroys.

reminding her of laughter as that sense of
humor she almost lost
wanting only to give him the happiness , not
knowing hers would pay the cost.

from a distance the stranger studied, from the
outside looking in,
only wanting to save what beuty , was coming to
an end.

as time passed on the hours. and soon passed on
by days,
he realized he was helpless, for no matter what
she always stays.

so he stands out on the sidelines , like a
stranger that dont know.
but just by the look inside her eyes , to even a
stranger the pain does show.