2001-01-28 23:21:36 (UTC)

This is not a real diary entry,..

This is not a real diary entry, it is a story i have
written about my first love:

Catalina used to only be that island off the coast of
Southern California to me. Now it’s a place where I had
the time of my life

My two favorite people in the world, my cousin, Stephanie
Borden, outgoing, blonde, green eyed and the most fun
person I know. And my best friend Emily Pastore, the only
brunette of the 3, shy and the biggest flirt I know. Then
there’s me, in between. Blonde and outgoing, yet shy
sometimes and last but not least, BOYCRAZY!

We were all planning to have an end of the summer trip to
Catalina, not too expensive, and best of all, flocking with
boys! Emily, Stephanie and I were all very excited since we
hadn’t been to this place since summer camp when we were
six. And naturally all of us being single and the place
filled with numerous ages of boys, we were planning on this
trip being the vacation of the summer, no not London, New
York or the Bahamas could compare to Catalina. (yea…right)

So on our trip there riding through the deep blue ocean in
none other than the Catalina Flyer, we saw dolphins, whales
and finally, after one hour and fifteen minutes, the dock.
As soon as we stepped onto the sidewalk of Catalina,
Stephanie cried out, “Look!” We turned to see what she was
pointing to, and we saw about thirty boys walking down the
street between the ages of 13 and 17. It was the answer to
our prayers. But, unfortunately, my mother pried our eyes
from these shirtless boys and forced us to get into the
golf cart to leave to the house we were to be staying in.

After getting settled in it was around 6pm and we decided
to go and look for the boys. Down the street was a
miniature golf course so we decided to play a game. And
guess who happened to be in front of us, None other than
the “Baseball Boys”. Why the “Baseball Boys” you ask?
Well, later we learned they that they were there for a
Baseball camp, so we know refer to them as the “Baseball
Boys”. About ten minutes later, we moved on to better
looking specimens, named Daniel, Casey and Steve.

Of course, we met plenty of boys; we had about five sets
coming to see us….per day. We actually had a time
schedule. And we always made room for Daniel Casey and
Steve. Let me describe these wonderful boys. Casey, the
charming, gorgeous, sarcastic bad boy who everyone likes at
some point. Steve, tall, blonde, nice, funny and an all
around good guy, who is usually known as our “guy friend”.
Then there’s Daniel, really cute, funny, shy, but very
outgoing if you take the time to get to know him, which I

How did we meet these perfect boy toys? Well, we were
bored. All of the previous male species had left and we
were out to find more, and whoever happened to cross our
path that was a boy, remotely cute and breathed, we took
them into our hold. So, who happened to walk by us? Daniel
Casey and Steve.

How well did you get to know Daniel? I know that’s exactly
what you’re thinking. Well in answer to your question,
well enough. He was my love interest from the moment I met
him (after Casey of course). He was adorable, immensely
corny, but still, very adorable. When I asked, “What did
you do last night?” he came with the perfect
response, “thought about you.” Or when I mentioned that I
was cold, an “I’ll keep you warm.” was the quick reply.
Not only did he say all the right things, but he also held
my hand and had his arm around me at any possible
opportunity. This guy was enough to make any girls heart
melt. And of course, all good things come to an end; he
had to leave the next day. So with a quick hug and tears
shed, he left, the love of my life was gone forever.