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2002-11-03 22:40:33 (UTC)

November 3, 2002 1:59PM (Sunday)

Today was the best. Service was so awesome. I didn't want
to leave. The presence of God was there so thick you could
feel it. People's hearts got touches and healed by the
power of God. People wept. You see, to me, there is a
difference between weeping and crying. The difference, to
me, is that when you weap, it's because something is
happening, like you're being healed. When you cry, it's
just an outlet for a while, but it all comes back. They're
were people weeping today in church and being healed. This
guy, Mark, always comes in with a big oxygen tank. He
always has to lug that thing around and have these little
tubes in his nostrils to breath. Supposidly, his condition
was incurable. But today God healed him. I couldn't believe
it. It wasn't Keith, all Keith did was lay his hands on
him, you could totally see the power of God move on Mark. I
can't believe it, it was so awesome! I can't wait until
tonight. I can't wait to go to service at 6:30PM tonight.
Anyways, these are the notes that I took at church:

"If the church will make room God said that He would bring
people to the church."

"There is an open door to the inner court and God is wooing
us in to it, He is waiting for us to go in."

"God is going to put a passion in our hearts so we can have
compassion for the people."

"The annointing is available 24/7."

"Walk in the light as He is in the light."

"You're not to look at the light, you're to walk in it."

"God just wants to be with you."

"God has things that have not been reavealed to any man,
yet, and he wants to reaveal them to us."

"God is going to make Himself real to us."

"There are some things that God wants to give us, show us,
and tell us that He is waiting for us to come to Him to
receive. He has certain things to say to each individual
and the only way we can get the 411 is if we spend quality
time with God. In His word."

"Respect the bible because whatever you respect you

"Whatever you look at the most will master you."

"We all have an annointing and an assignment."

reason I capitilize this one is because I was wondering if
it was true and then when I came to church Keith said it
was. It was like an answered prayer before I even though to
ask God the prayer. Pretty awesome huh!!!

"God is looking for someone to show up on."

"God wants to make us in to a trophy."

"God wants to show us off."

"God is raising up a new breed."

"God wants to touch us so we can touch others."

"If you want to get a blessing from God, be a blessing!"

"The enemy is after our annointing and our assignment."

"You're not going to be able to do the things you used to
and get away with it."

"Jude 3"

"There are two kinds of people in the church, pretenders,



"Where there is no change, the fear of the Lord has

"If you need a miracle from God, give a miracle."

("God never offends or embarrases!!!")

Note to self: On the 9th of November fast and pray for

Prayer needs:

1. Salvation
2. Healing
3. Wisdom
4. Safety
5. Favor - With God and man
6. Prophetic Ministry

There will be much more tonight. I think I'm going to head
on home for about an hour to take a nap.

Note to self: Appointment with God at 5:00.